How Varun from NLU Odisha secured a job with Corporate Professionals, Delhi

Varun, despite having a background in NLU, faced a common challenge that many students from lower-ranked NLUs face – struggling to secure quality internships. This uncertainty about his future placements was a concern for him.

How Yamini from ILS, Pune secured a job with Corporate Law Team at AZB Partners

Yamini had completed several internships with renowned brands such as L&L Partners, Trilegal, and Juris Corp. Despite her impressive credentials, her self-assurance wavered when it came to job interviews.

How Heena from Symbiosis Law School secured a job with The Technology Law Team at Spice Route Legal

Heena’s internship experience mainly consisted of In-House positions up until her fourth year including an assessment internship at ICICI Bank that she earned by winning the “Beat the Curve Competition.” However, despite this achievement, she was unable to convert it into a pre-placement offer (PPO). Her concern grew as she felt she might have missed opportunities for PPOs at law firms.

How Abhishek from Amity Law School secured a job with the Projects Team at L&L Partners

Despite being the topper of his batch, Abhishek faced challenges in securing significant opportunities with big law firms in India. He was concerned if it was because of him not being from a Top NLU.

How Vishali Dhawan from Jammu University secured an In-House Counsel job at Indus Towers Ltd.

Vishali, a Litigation Lawyer based in Jammu & Kashmir, faced financial difficulties during the pandemic due to a lack of sufficient income. Recognizing her true potential, Vishali aimed to secure a more favorable opportunity in the In-House sector but was uncertain about how to prepare for the same.

How Ishita from Mumbai University secured an In-house Counsel job at Conde Nast

Following her graduation from Mumbai University, Ishita accumulated significant experience while working with the HR team at Aditya Birla Company. However, her subsequent move to the United States due to family commitments presented a challenge – finding suitable employment within the legal sector upon returning to India.

How Ahaan secured a job with Y Combinator backed Crypto Startup

Ahaan’s interest lay in the Technology sector, but he aimed to enhance his application to increase his prospects of obtaining a Pre-Placement Offer (PPO).