Fair Criticism & Placement Disclaimer

This Fair Criticism and Placement Disclaimer Policy is an integral component of Your Legal Career Coach’s (YLCC) Agreement (Terms of Use). It applies not only during the provision or discontinuation of our services but also extends to third parties and individuals who haven’t utilized YLCC’s services. Our purpose in publishing this policy is to emphasize our dedication to receiving constructive and impartial criticism and feedback from all our stakeholders. We highly value and encourage suggestions from our customers, as we firmly believe that promptly addressing their feedback has significantly contributed to our growth. Users have the option to share their criticism, feedback, or opinions through our internal support channels and groups.

While we acknowledge that such feedback may be shared online or offline, we reserve the right to take appropriate legal action if it is determined to be unfounded, based on assumptions or rumours, or if it exhibits malicious intent, defamation, or harm to the reputation of YLCC. Criticism that lacks factual accuracy, and includes broad allegations about our services without firsthand experience, is not considered constructive. In such cases, we will handle any published content strictly in accordance with applicable laws.

It’s important to note that we do not imply, warrant, promise, suggest, project, represent, or guarantee any future prospects or placement outcomes resulting from the purchase of YLCC’s services. We have not authorized anyone else to make such projections, promises, or representations on our behalf. Any statements, examples, or representations regarding placements do not guarantee that you will achieve similar results. It is crucial to understand that past successes or results in terms of securing placement do not indicate or guarantee future success or results based on the information, content, or strategies provided. 

Please note that global and local economic factors, or any factors of similar nature, introduce additional uncertainties and economic risks that may affect your results negatively. Your success in implementing the information or strategies provided by YLCC depends on various factors that we cannot predict, such as your background, work ethic, dedication, motivation, desire, and business skills or practices. Consequently, we cannot guarantee or imply that you will become wealthy, achieve similar results, or generate any income.

Please be aware that online placement opportunities involve unknown risks and may not be suitable for everyone. It is important not to rely solely on the information presented on the website or provided by us without understanding the significant losses.

We strongly advise conducting your own due diligence when making any decision and exercising caution by seeking the advice of qualified professionals. Before acting on any information, it is recommended that you consult with your accountant, lawyer, or professional advisor. The examples, documents, or other content on the website or provided by us should not be considered equivalent to professional advice. Please consult your own professional advisor for any specific inquiries.

We assume no responsibility for any losses or damages resulting from your use of any links, information, or opportunities presented on the website or disclosed by the owner of this site in any form whatsoever.