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PPO Ready GrowthCamp

Course available for 90 days
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Duration 10 hours
Lectures 36
Video 9 hours
Level Advanced
PPO Ready GrowthCamp
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Elevate your prospects for Pre-Placement Offers (PPOs) with YLCC's dynamic and personalized PPO Ready Growthcamp. This intensive initiative offers one-on-one mentorship with YLCC experts, providing you with actionable strategies to thrive in your internships.

Key Features:
  • Personalized Mentorship: Receive individualized guidance to propel your career forward, tailored to your unique strengths and goals.
  • Advanced Reading and Writing Proficiency: Hone your legal communication skills through four specialized classes designed to enhance your internship performance and secure stellar recommendations.
  • Industry Networking and Relationship Building: Forge valuable connections within the legal landscape, setting the stage for future success.
  • Legal Research Mastery and Paper Publication Skills: Acquire the essential skills for effective legal research and gain insights into publishing papers.
  • Comprehensive CV Review: Benefit from in-depth evaluation and refinement of your CV to showcase your achievements and potential effectively.
  • Recommended To: This program is open to freshly graduated lawyers and students in their second to fifth year of study, ensuring that participants are equipped with the tools and knowledge needed to excel in their legal careers.
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Identifying the right organization/law firm based on your interest
Drafting the perfect CV/Cover letter as per industry requirements.
Session 1 on Research and Writing Skills
Session 2 on Research and Writing Skills
How to write different kinds of SOPs - Internship/Job/Higher Studies/ Research Paper
Dos and Don’ts at your Internship + How to secure a call back/assessment Internship/PPO
Session 3 on Research and Writing Skills
Session 4 on Research and Writing Skills
Interaction of YLCC Mentee (Secured PPO at AZB Partners) with Mr. Shahen Pradhan (Ex Partner- Argus Partners & HSA Advocates) on their perception of Dos and Don't during an Interview
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Productivity Hacks to Get More Done in 2018

— 28 February 2017

  1. Facebook News Feed Eradicator (free chrome extension) Stay focused by removing your Facebook newsfeed and replacing it with an inspirational quote. Disable the tool anytime you want to see what friends are up to!
  2. Hide My Inbox (free chrome extension for Gmail) Stay focused by hiding your inbox. Click "show your inbox" at a scheduled time and batch processs everything one go.
  3. Habitica (free mobile + web app) Gamify your to do list. Treat your life like a game and earn gold goins for getting stuff done!