How Heena from Symbiosis Law School secured a job with The Technology Law Team at Spice Route Legal

Heena Malhotra is a law graduate from Symbiosis Law School, Pune, Batch of 2023.


Heena’s internship experience mainly consisted of In-House positions up until her fourth year including an assessment internship at ICICI Bank that she earned by winning the “Beat the Curve Competition.” However, despite this achievement, she was unable to convert it into a pre-placement offer (PPO). Her concern grew as she felt she might have missed opportunities for PPOs at law firms.


To address her concerns, Heena enrolled in the YLCC Pre Placement Offer (PPO) Growth Camp. She committed herself to enhancing her skills and capabilities through this program.


Heena’s successfully secured internships with the Technology Teams at Nishith Desai and Associates, Khaitan and Co. (KCo) and Ikigai Law. Her persistence ultimately led her to secure a job at Spice Route Legal