Passionate about the Entertainment Industry but forced to choose between Entertainment and Law? How about we tell you- you could pick both together?

Yes, if you have been looking for a career path which aligns with your passion for Media and Entertainment and also does not limit you to choosing between the conventional options of Corporate, Litigation and Judiciary then you need not look around any further!

YLCC’s 7-week Dual Certificate Media and Entertainment Law Programme is here to empower you with comprehensive learning, providing you with the platform to build your practical learning and critical thinking ability skills to successfully land your dream internship and secure a PPO in the field of Media and Entertainment Laws!

At YLCC, we’ve witnessed the limitations of conventional practice areas while mentoring over 1500 students and lawyers, ranging from 0 to 14 years of PQE. Being restricted to conventional career options often hinders students from pursuing their preferred domains and accessing internship opportunities that could lead to their dream job!

Regardless of the source of the issue, if you’re prepared to take the leap, we’re here to assist you in propelling your career forward!

Things this course will teach you:

Practical Drafting training related to six domains: OTT, Music, Movies, Broadcasting, Advertisement, Social Media & Influencing, etc.

Hypothetical Problem-Solving Analytical Skill Building Sessions with Industry Experts

Covering the latest trends in the Media and Entertainment industry

Exclusive Career Mentorship session for CV building with YLCC Founder

Before applying for Internship and Job Opportunities in Media and Entertainment Law, it's important to address:

Why do you wish to choose the Media and Entertainment domain?

What makes you the right fit for this sector?

What are the requisite ingredients in your CV aligned with this domain?

Why choose the YLCC Media and Entertainment Law course?

How is this course different from any other certificate course?

YLCC Offerings

Other Platforms

Bridging the NLU- Non NLU Gap by teaching you how to think like M&E Lawyers in real life situations.
In addition to Drafting classes, Experts will be helping you solve real life Hypotheticals to help you build critical thinking skills.


Courses limited to drafting classes only.

Dedicated course for third to fifth year law students specifically curated to help you secure long term internships and PPO in Media and Entertainment field

One common course for all students and professionals

Dedicated Career Mentorship session at the beginning of the course to help you understand the Scope of Career and Opportunities in M&E Field

Industry experts directly taking lectures on technical topics, very little or no dedicated Career Mentorship

Quality learning Internship support to top performers

Internship support may/may not be available



  • The Price rationalization and maintaining quality standards are non-negotiable factors for us. Our course is designed to upskill you and prepare you for lucrative opportunities in the Media and Entertainment Law domain!
  • Our Course has been prepared for 7 weeks (Weekend classes) tailored as per your convenience. You are not required to put any pressure on your current academic schedule as the classes would be scheduled on Weekends.   Further, you would also get the personal attention of industry experts in the said domain who have nailed reputed companies of the country. Moreover, this would also not be like a boring college lecture wherein you are supposed to grab anything that comes your way to vomit in the exam.

Our Hybrid Growthcamp has been prepared as per your convenience. Access Sammanika’s HR and Technical Interview Preparation training on-demand. Alongside, you get multiple One-on-One Sessions with our Mentor to polish your individual answers.

Whether you’re in a Chamber, In-House Office, or aiming for a more flexible role, or transitioning from an Intern/Para-legal to an Associate, we’re here to guide you to the next level! 

About the Founder

Sammanika Rawat, an Internationally Accredited Mediator and Indian Army JAG Recommended Candidate, is an NUJS Alumna who has been mentoring law students and lawyers since 2020. She introduced the concept of Legal Career Coaching and Legal Interview Coaching in India during the pandemic, mentoring over 1000 law students and working professionals. At YLCC, Sammanika has also individually mentored students for the Media and Entertainment domain. Some of her students are currently working with brands like HotStar, Jio Sawan, Monk Entertainment, Conde Nast to name a few.

YLCC Mentees Thriving at

Limited Slots Availability!

We have limited slots for this course to ensure the perfect ratio of students to experts, allowing everyone adequate opportunities for interaction and interface.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Exclusively designed for third to fifth year  law students or for those who have at least 1 year to complete their graduation/Post graduation.

This is the only course which maintains the right balance between practical drafting skills and critical thinking ability skills. There’s no other course in this domain which trains you for hypotheticals based problem solving skills. This course aims to make the students ready and eligible to secure quality internship opportunities in the Media and Entertainment sector and  convert them into pre placement offers. The career mentorship session on Media & Entertainment Law by Sammanika, quality of content, and reputed industry experts is what makes this course unique in its own way.

A three part structure comprising Career mentorship, practical learning in the form of drafting classes and problem solving classes, interaction with industry experts, and a Growth Challenger Competition based on curriculum simulation.

INR 7,500, with a discount of INR 500 for the first 20 participants.

Yes, participants can interact with experts within the duration of the course.

Yes, internship opportunities for top performers, along with regular updates on career opportunities via our website, WhatsApp group, and other social media channels.

Yes, 14th May is the deadline to register for the course.