How Vishali Dhawan from Jammu University secured an In-House Counsel job at Indus Towers Ltd.

Vishali Dhawan is a law graduate from Jammu University, Batch of 2019.


Vishali, a Litigation Lawyer based in Jammu & Kashmir, faced financial difficulties during the pandemic due to a lack of sufficient income. Recognizing her true potential, Vishali aimed to secure a more favorable opportunity in the In-House sector but was uncertain about how to prepare for the same.


To address her concerns, Vishali decided to participate in the YLCC Interview Growth Camp. Throughout the program, she engaged in four one-on-one sessions with the YLCC mentor. During these sessions, they collaborated on crafting effective and credible responses for her interviews.


Vishali’s efforts yielded positive outcomes as she successfully secured a position as an In-House Counsel at Indus Towers Ltd.