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In this first class of the Seven Weeks’ Certificate Course on Media and Entertainment Laws, our Founder Sammanika explained in depth the scop...
4 Lectures
₹1,499 ₹149
A Three Hour detailed Q&A mentorship session for aspiring In-house Counsels
5 Lectures
In this Masterclass YLCC Founder Sammanika has explained in depth about all Career options (Conventional and Unconventional) available for law grad...
1 Lectures
Master the art of Corporate Due Diligence in this comprehensive course. Learn to assess risks, analyze financials, and make informed decisions for ...
2 Lectures
Learn the art of crafting effective endorsement agreements in our Masterclass, covering essential legal nuances and negotiation strategies.
1 Lectures
Master the art of drafting service agreements with precision and clarity in this comprehensive Masterclass, equipping you with essential legal and ...
6 Lectures