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7 Weeks’ Dual Certificate Media & Entertainment Program

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7 Weeks’ Dual Certificate Media & Entertainment Program
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This course is designed for 3rd to 5th year law students or for those who have at least 1 year to build their skill set in the Media & Entertainment Sector and do internships and convert them into PPO irrespective of their college name with our 7-week Dual Certificate Media and Entertainment Course . It is a dynamic 6-7 weeks initiative designed for students who aspire to excel in the fast-paced world of media.

Key features:

Strategic Duration: The course is a structured 6-7 weeks program which ensures comprehensive skill development, transformative learning experiences and intensive modules, designed to cover essential aspects of the media industry.

Reputed Industry Leaders: The course will help you to get exclusive mentorship by renowned leaders and experts in the media & entertainment domain who have previous experience working with Khaitan & Co., Mason & Associates, Law SB, SL Law Offices, Saregama, Sun TV, Dream 11, Showbox, Upgrad, etc. and insights from real-world experiences which will empower you to handle challenges and seize opportunities in this sector.

Media Industry Focus: The course has a curriculum specifically drafted for the media industry which will cover the latest trends, technologies, challenges, case studies and practical exercises in the domains of in the domains of OTT, Music, Movie, Broadcasting, Social media & influencing, Advertisement & Branding, etc. whichever will provide hands-on experience and industry relevance.

Skill Enhancement Exercises: You get to engage in interactive sessions with industry professionals to enhance your practical knowledge and application of media & entertainment concepts.

Networking Opportunities: You can build a valuable network that extends beyond the program and connect with peers, mentors, and professionals in the media sector through networking events and forums.

Certification and Recognition: You can showcase your achievements to potential employers as you will receive a certification upon successful completion of the program, endorsed by industry leaders.

     The course is bridging the NLU-Non NLU Gap by teaching how to think like M&E Lawyers in real life situations. In addition to Drafting classes, Experts will be helping you solve real life Hypotheticals to help you build critical thinking skills.

     Dedicated course for third to fifth-year law students specifically curated to help you secure long-term internships and PPOs in the Media and Entertainment field.

     Dedicated Career Mentorship session at the beginning of the course to help you understand the Scope of Career and Opportunities in M&E Field

     Quality learning internship support to top performers

Who Will Be the Course Instructors?

Ms. Ishan Johri, Principal Associate, Khaitan & Co.

Mr. KP Sivaramakrishnan, Founder SL Offices, Ex- ShowBox Channel

Mr. Devashish Jagirdar, Manager – Litigation and Compliance, Upgrad, Ex – SunTV & Saregama

Mr. Ankit Rastogi, Attorney, Mason & Associates

Mr. Shubhash Bhutoria, IP & Art Lawyer, Founder, Law SB and Art Law India

Ms. Sammanika Rawat, Career Coach & Founder, YLCC

Structure of the Programme 

Part 1:

Career Mentorship & CV building class in the Media & Entertainment sector by the YLCC founder (how to secure an internship to secure a PPO in the M&E Field)

Part 2:

     Certificate Course on Practical Learning aspect covering Drafting + Critical thinking & application of media & entertainment related laws in the real life hypothetical situations in the domains of OTT, Music, Movie, Social media & influencing, Broadcasting, Advertisement & Branding, etc.;

     Live interaction with experts to decode multiple hypothetical situations based on media & entertainment industry-related real-life challenges.

Part 3:

YLCC Growth Challenger Competition

     Based on the curriculum, brief simulation exercise will be given


     2 separate certificates will be given

     1st certificate for the course

     2nd certificate for the Competition