How Ishita from Mumbai University secured an In-house Counsel job at Conde Nast

Ishita Kurani is a law graduate from Mumbai University, Batch of 2022.


Following her graduation from Mumbai University, Ishita accumulated significant experience while working with the HR team at Aditya Birla Company. However, her subsequent move to the United States due to family commitments presented a challenge – finding suitable employment within the legal sector upon returning to India.


Seeking a solution, Ishita chose to participate in the YLCC Interview Growth Camp. Through this program, she engaged in a series of four personalized One-on-One sessions with YLCC mentors, aimed at refining her interview skills and overall employability.


By leveraging the insights gained from these sessions, Ishita successfully identified her specific area of interest within the legal domain. Subsequently, she embarked on a virtual internship journey with an IP lawyer. This experience not only enriched her skill set but also strengthened her resume. As a result, Ishita secured a position with Conde Nast, a notable achievement that underscores the positive outcomes of her involvement in the YLCC Interview Growth Camp.