Still stuck at ‘Technical mein kya poochenge?’ while aiming for your dream job?

Look no further! YLCC Interview Growthcamp is here to empower you with holistic skills, strategies, and confidence to excel in any job interview!

At YLCC, we’ve mentored over 1500 law students and lawyers (with 0-14 years of PQE). We’ve noticed that many students tend to get intimidated by job interviews and often find themselves questioning their candidature. This might be due to factors like their educational background, a current job with lower pay, attending a non-NLU college, or a perceived lack of experience.

Regardless of the source of your self-doubt, if you’re prepared to take the leap, we’re here to assist you in propelling your career forward!

Things we teach at YLCC

Mastering the art of legal communication during interviews

Navigating tricky HR and Technical scenarios with precision

Crafting compelling answers that highlight your unique qualities

Establishing a strong personal brand that distinguishes you from others

It is important to work on three important questions before facing any job interview :

Why would you like to pick a particular domain?

Why, according to you, should you be shortlisted?

How can you add value to the organization?

Why Choose YLCC Interview GrowthCamp?

A Mock Interview without detailed feedback is nothing but a dummy test of your communication skills. 

Do you still believe a Single Mock Interview is sufficient to help you succeed in an Interview without getting a detailed feedback on each and every HR question?

Identifying your Inner Motivators and structuring your answers in the right professional tone is the only strategy that can help you navigate through the process of legal hiring.

Whatever your background might be, with our Personalized One-on-One Mentorship, you are bound to feel prepared, confident and ready to nail your next big Interview!

Our Hybrid Growthcamp has been prepared as per your convenience. Access Sammanika’s HR and Technical Interview Preparation training on-demand. Alongside, you get multiple One-on-One Sessions with our Mentor to polish your individual answers.

Whether you’re in a Chamber, In-House Office, or aiming for a more flexible role, or transitioning from an Intern/Para-legal to an Associate, we’re here to guide you to the next level! 

About the Founder

An Internationally Accredited Mediator, Indian Army JAG Recommended Candidate, NUJS Alumna Sammanika Rawat has been mentoring Law Students and Lawyers since 2020. Though Career Coaching after 10+2 had been popular in India, the concept of Legal Career Coaching and Legal Interview Coaching was introduced in India by Sammanika during the pandemic. So far, she has mentored 1000+ law students and working professionals.

YLCC Mentees Thriving at

Limited Slots Availability!

Since we offer four One-on-One sessions to each student, we limit the number of students’ intake each month. Secure your spot now and take the first step towards interview success in the legal world!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

The hybrid course is tailored exclusively for individuals in the legal field, including legal professionals and law students preparing for job interviews. They have the opportunity to enroll and gain access to pre-recorded content along with personalized interview training. Those outside the legal profession can receive personalized guidance for their HR Round preparation and engage in discussions about how to prepare for their Technical Round. They also have the option to schedule a mock interview session with our team.

This is the only personalized interview training program in the market which focuses on One-on-One assistance for legal professionals. We offer comprehensive, question-by-question feedback, a feature that significantly enhances your prospects of securing your desired position.

This program is a hybrid experience, comprising 7 hours of pre-recorded content and four personalized One-on-One training sessions with our mentors. The entire course, along with all four One-on-One sessions, must be successfully completed within a 3-month period from the date of enrollment.

Apart from the specialized training for HR and Technical Round preparation, we offer pre-recorded content that explores the various career opportunities accessible to law graduates in the job market, as well as the types of roles and responsibilities they can pursue.

In the second recording, we guide you in identifying the ideal organization aligned with your interests. During the remaining portion of the training program, our primary focus is on honing your HR-related interview skills, all while providing a roadmap for effective technical round preparation. In specific domains, we also share our sample set of technical questions. Furthermore, in our mock interviews, we comprehensively address both HR and Technical questions to provide you with a well-rounded and holistic interview experience.

Indeed, our Interview Growthcamp course has proven advantageous for both law students and professionals alike.

Within the pre-recorded content, we instruct on a method for breaking down your syllabus into three manageable levels; transforming what might seem like an insurmountable challenge into a more attainable goal. Students are encouraged to discuss this further with the assigned Mentor in one of their four scheduled One-on-One sessions.

Certainly, individualized coaching stands as the central pillar of our training approach. In all our Growth Camps, we include personalized One-on-One training services as an integral component of the course.

Within the Interview Growthcamp, you will be provided with our recommended CV format, a comprehensive personalized questionnaire tailored to your chosen field of interest, and a curated list of HR questions relevant to your field. Additionally, you will gain access to class recordings through our Learning Management System (LMS).

Our team will thoroughly review your CV, cover letter, and HR responses, furnishing you with detailed feedback. Furthermore, during your One-on-One training sessions, you are encouraged to seek clarification on any other concerns or inquiries related to your interview preparation.

We operate as a legal mentorship platform and do not provide services for legal recruitment assistance. Nonetheless, we consistently share publicly available internships and job openings on our website, as well as through our Career Update Whatsapp Groups every week. We encourage students to join these groups to stay informed about the current job opportunities.

As this is a self-paced hybrid learning course, there are currently no set deadlines in place. Nevertheless, we recommend enrolling at least 3-5 months before your intended interview application or appearance to maximize your chances of success. If you have interviews scheduled within a timeframe of fewer than 45 days, please reach out to our team to explore the most suitable options available under our ’emergency booking’ category plans.